Genetically modified food

Genetically modified food

Nowadays it is not enough only to choose to eat healthy, like eating vegetables and fruit, because even if we are eating them, we cannot be sure if it's still good enough.

Some studies have shown that the technology is the only way to feed this increasingly populous world.

So, is there any way we can avoid this ? Activists who are really worried about the health problems that genetically modified food is causing to humans, are fighting for one thing - they are demanding that food that is GMO, or contains GMO should be labeled, so that people have a choice if they want to buy it or not.

This subject is very popular, because of a sudden awareness of some people, but there is one thing you need to know - we've been eating GMO food for years.

For example, canned soups have a lot of ingredients containing GMO.

When you have no time to make a meal, you will often buy frozen food. Well frozen good is sweetened with HFCS. There are some frozen food that don't have HFCS, but that doesn't mean it doesn't include GMO, because it actually does.

Sweetened juices - well most of us assumed this one. In order to make this juice more tasty, and attractive to children, a lot of companies are adding non- cane sugar.

Cereals are definitely one of the most popular things when it comes to typical breakfast food. But they actually aren't that healthy as you think, especially the ones for the kids. You can also find a lot of sugar in here, even though it's supposed to be healthier.

So, as you can see it is really hard to find something that is 100% " clean " and healthy.