How to cool your room without air conditioning

How to cool your room without air conditioning

We love summer because everyone seems happy, cheery and simply in a good mood. When you go outside you can only notice the beautiful sun and nothing else.
Still sometimes we feel like we are going to die because it is too hot. You can go swimming if you leave by the sea/ocean, or if you don’t, you can always swim in a swimming pool of a hotel for example.

But what can you do if it’s too hot inside, and you don’t have an air conditioning? When you go to sleep instead of using cotton sheets, use silky sheets, because you will not be all sweaty and that material easily soaks in your sweat.

Then you can go back to the famous, old fan. Of course it cannot give you the same feeling you get when you use air conditioning, but if you use two fans and put them in different ends of the room, you will definitely see the difference.

Humidity is one of your enemies during summer, so you make sure to avoid it as much as you can.
So, when you take a shower or cook something, you must open your windows to make it go away. Otherwise it will be hotter, and you don’t need that.
In the night, make sure you open every window in your house and at the same time turn on your fans.

Because if you do that, your fans will spread that fresh air and you will get the feeling like it is actually really fresh and cool in your room.